Learn how to log in to the Tech APP, enable a fingerprint or pin login, reset your password, and log out by completing the following steps.

Log In to the Tech APP

Open the Tech APP. On the login screen, enter your Email and Password. If you want the Tech APP to remember your email, switch on Remember Email. Tap Log in.

Enable a Fingerprint or Pin Login

To enable fingerprint or pin login, tap the Menu icon, then select My Settings. To log in with your fingerprint, switch on Fingerprint Login. To log in with a 6-digit pin, switch on Pin Login.

If you enable both Fingerprint Login and Pin Login, the Tech APP will use Fingerprint Login as the default login method.

Reset Your Password

To reset your password, tap Forgot password near the bottom of the login screen. Enter your email and tap Reset my password. An email is sent containing a new auto-generated password.

Log Out

To log out of the Tech APP, tap the Menu icon and select Log Out near the bottom of the menu. You are logged out and redirected to the login screen.