Step 2: Submit CTA Lists to CIBMTR (CPI Trimester 1)

  • Once all recipients have been registered, centers need to submit a list of all registered CRIDs from the previous calendar year using the provided Excel template (located below). The CTA list will require CIBMTR Research ID (CRID), Patient Data of Birth, Patient Sex, Infusion date, and Donor type.
    • Note: The CTA list must be in an Excel format and must contain only the following data fields, using the format specific below. DO NOT include recipient names or any other variables. Do Not leave any requested fields blank. Deviating from the format specified will delay the processing of your list.
  • Submit the completed CTA list to the CIBMTR via a CIBMTR Center Support ticket.
  • Once processed, the CIBMTR Center Support ticket will be closed indicating the HCT List has been received.
    • The weekly CPI Summary Report will note CTA HCT List Reviewed and Approved: Good Standing”.
  • Do NOT include the following in your center HCT list:
    • Car-T, Cellular therapies, DCI/DLI infusions
    • If your site does not report autologous infusions to CIBMTR, do not include those on your list

CTA Template Link:

Required Data Required Format
CIBMTR-assigned Research ID (CRID) Number
Patient Date of Birth Date, (YYYY-MM-DD)
Patient Sex “M” or “F” (M = Male, F = Female)
Date of HCT Infusion Date (YYYY-MM-DD)
Donor Type used for HCT Must ONLY be reported as ALLO_U, ALLO_R, or AUTO
  • ALLO_U = Unrelated Donor
  • ALLO_R = Related Donor, including syngeneic
  • AUTO = Autologous (no donor)
    Note: If more than one donor product was infused in the same transplant, report the product of the least related (ALLO_U > ALLO_R > AUTO). For example, if patient received an unrelated and related product, then select only ALLO_U.
    Do not use terms such as “boost”, “haplo”, “MUD”, etc. – you must specify ‘ALLO_R, ‘ALLO_U’, or ‘AUTO’ for each infusion.
Last modified: Apr 05, 2022