At the beginning of CPI Trimester 2, CIBMTR will post a CTA Discrepancy File to the CIBMTR Portal if a transplant discrepancy is identified. Each week CIBMTR will refresh the list to include unresolved discrepancies and a new file will be posted to the CIBMTR Portal every Friday. For further instructions on downloading discrepancy files, visit the Downloading CTA Discrepancy Files in the CIBMTR Data Management Guide.

Login to the CIBMTR Data Operations Portal and download your center’s CTA Discrepancy File. If there is a list posted for your center, review the file and resolve discrepancies using instructions listed below. If a list is not provided, then no discrepancies were identified, and your weekly CPI Summary Report will reflect that status under “Resolve CTA Discrepancies”.

A center’s standing for CTA discrepancy will remain Not Good Standing until ALL discrepancies have been resolved. At the time that ALL discrepancies are resolved, the center’s status for Resolve CTA discrepancy will be updated to Good Standing. A center must resolve all CTA discrepancies in order to pass CPI.

Last modified: May 09, 2022