The Recipient CPI Report is automatically sent to current Primary Data Managers and staff we’ve been asked to copy on correspondence sent to the primary data manager role each Tuesday via email. If your center is not receiving this report, your primary data manager may submit a CIBMTR Center Support ticket to request assistance.

Reports will be sent at an increased frequency at the end of each CPI trimester:

  • Daily Reports for the last two weeks of the trimester
  • Twice Daily on the last two days of the trimester

Real-time reports can be generated in FormsNet at any time using the Center Forms Due tool.

If you have questions about forms in these reports, contact CIBMTR Center Support.


Form Status – Forms must be complete and error free to meet form completion targets.

Forms considered “complete” for CPI AUD – Audited form
CMP – Completed form
LCK – Locked form (not external edits allowed)
PND – Center’s response to a query is pending review by CIBMTR
QRY – Form has an outstanding query
Forms considered “exempt” from CPI LTF – Form was exempted because patient is lost to follow-up
NRQ – Form was exempted by CIBMTR
SUR – Center indicated no clinical data known, but survival status provided
Forms considered “incomplete” for CPI ERR – Form has an outstanding validation error
SVD/MOD – Form has been edited, but not submitted to CIBMTR
DUE – Form has not been started

Run Date

Indicates the date and time the report was generated. Times listed are U.S. Central Time, not necessarily the centers local time. There may be a delay between the report generation and when its distributed to transplant centers. Use the Center Forms Due feature in FormsNet for a real-time listing of what forms are outstanding.

Current CPI Status

This table summarizes each of the CPI/CTA metrics, the specific requirement that must be met for this trimester, your center’s current completion rate and
Metrics – Details on each of the metrics can be found on the Form Completion Standards Page.
Requirement – Indicates the target completion rate/passing criteria for each metric. *Note that if your center has been granted an exemption, these reports will NOT reflect any reduced form completion targets.
Current Status – Indicates the Status/ Completion Rate for each metric as of the Run Date listed at the top of the report. The number of forms required to meet your CPI requirement is subject to change until the close of the trimester. Some forms once completed, such as the Pre-TED Form 2400/2402, trigger other forms to be due. The forms that come due will count for CPI if their due date falls into the applicable time periods.
CPI Standing – Indicates whether the current statuses meets the passing requirements.

  • Meets Target – Your center is currently meeting or exceeding the target completion percentage for this metric. Reporting new events or completing forms may result in new forms appearing in FormsNet3. This may cause this metric to change from Meets Target to Below Target depending on the due dates of the new forms.
  • Below Target – your center is not meeting the target completion rate for this metric.
  • Requirement Met – your center has addressed all tasks for this requirement
  • Requirement Not Met – your center has not yet addressed all tasks for this requirement. See CTA Standards for detailed expectations.
  • Not Applicable – your center is exempt from this metric

Critical Forms to Be Completed Immediately

The CRIDs listed here have been created in FormsNet3, but do not have a completed Indication for CRID Assignment Form (2814). This form must be completed within 30 days of creating the CRID in FN3 or it will be counted as late when calculating the CPI metric. Delayed reporting of the Form 2814 may also result in delayed reporting of additional critical forms (e.g., Form 2400, Form 2402).

CRIDs Without Indication for CRID Assignment Form (2814) – this table lists any CRIDs that have been registered that do not yet have the CRID Assignment Form (2814) completed. This form should be completed within 30 days of the CRID being assigned.

  • Complete the indication form to report a planned infusion / event date.
  • If the infusion is cancelled before you’ve completed the Indication Form, submit a CIBMTR Center Support ticket to request the form be removed.

Critical Forms To Be Completed Soon

These forms capture critical data such as donor type, disease classification, and product analysis counts. Forms completed in a timely manner will reduce additional requests from CIBMTR and ensure that follow-up forms are available to be completed on-time as well. The listed forms are considered critical and are due within the next two weeks.

NOTE: Form 2400/2402 when completed will always add more forms (unless the patient received an autologous transplant and declined research consent).

CRIDs With Critical Forms Due within next 2 weeks – this table lists the Critical Forms expected in the next several weeks. These forms must be completed by the due date or will be counted as late when calculating the on-time CPI metric.

Outstanding Forms from Previous Trimester:

These forms have due dates in the previous trimester and are currently considered incomplete. This could be because the form has not yet been started, has not been successfully submitted, or has unresolved validation errors. Ensure any remaining action is completed so the form status is Complete (CMP) by the end of the current trimester.

Last modified: Apr 26, 2022