If the Discrepancy Report indicates a CRID was missing, the CRID provided in the CTA spreadsheet was not found in FormsNet3SM. The center must determine where the error(s) occurred and update as described below.

Common Issues to look for:

  • Typo / Incorrect CRID
  • Duplicate CRIDs that have been merged

If the submitted CTA spreadsheet was incorrect:

  1. Update the value(s) on the spreadsheet
  2. Resubmit the spreadsheet via CIBMTR Center Support (https://nmdp.service-now.com/csm).
    1. Select CTA and CTA list resubmission

If FormsNet3SM is missing the CRID:

  1. From the FormsNet3SM Recipient tab:
    1. Click Assign CRID and click Assign CRID from dropdown list.
    2. Complete the CRID Assignment Form to obtain a CRID.
Last modified: May 05, 2021