The CTA Discrepancy File will contain the following variables: CIBMTR Center Number (CCN), patient’s CRID, patient’s Sex, patient’s DOB, HCT Date, HCT type, NMDP RID, NMDP Infusion Date, NMDP TC Code & Discrepancy.

The CTA Discrepancy File includes “Center” columns which are populated with values from the center’s consecutive transplant audit (CTA) list. Each file will also have “FN3” columns, which is the value your center reported through FormsNet3. The “Discrepancy” column indicates the discrepancy(ies) between the data you provided (CTA list) and the FormsNet3 data and/or between NMDP and FormsNet3 (CIBMTR).

Centers should review and correct any discrepancies either by updating their CTA List or updating the missing / discrepant data in FormsNet3. If centers have more than one discrepancy reported, CIBMTR recommends resolving discrepancies in order listed below:

  1. Missing CRID
    1. Register CRID/transplant in FormsNet
  2. RID Not Reported in FormsNet
    1. CIBMTR has no record of transplant (no CRID/NMDP RID link). Register transplant in FormsNet and/or add NMDP RID using Search/Edit CRID tool
  3. HCT Not Reported (between NMDP & FormsNet3) The infusion may exist in FormsNet but the infusion date reported in FormsNet and NMDP is more than 10 days apart.
    1. NMDP has a record that a product was provided to a center yet FormsNet3 and additionally the center’s CTA list does not report that the product was infused.
      1. If the transplant did not occur, submit a CIBMTR Center Support ticket to inform CIBMTR. CIBMTR will inform NMDP to remove infusion.
      2. If the transplant did occur, register CRID/transplant in FormsNet
  4. Missing HCT date
    1. Register transplant in FormsNet3
  5. Sex mismatch, DOB, HCT date and/or HCT type
    1. If a FormsNet3 error is noted, centers must make the correction in FormsNet3.
    2. If the CTA list has an error, centers need to make corrections to their CTA list and resubmit their CTA list via CIBMTR Center Support ticket. Select CTA > CTA List Re-Submission for Discrepancies as ticket category.
Last modified: May 09, 2022