If the Discrepancy Report indicates a HCT Type (aka Donor type) mismatch between the submitted CTA spreadsheet and the data in FormsNet3SM, the center must determine where the error(s) occurred and update as described below.

Common Issues to look for:

  • If more than one donor type was used, you’ll need to combine these to only report a single donor type on your spreadsheet.
    • If unrelated + related, report as ALLO_U
    • If unrelated + autologous, report as ALLO_U
    • If related + autologous, report as ALLO_R

If the submitted CTA spreadsheet was incorrect:

  1. Update the value(s) on the spreadsheet
  2. Resubmit the spreadsheet via CIBMTR Center Support (https://nmdp.service-now.com/csm).
    1. Select CTA and CTA list resubmission

If FormsNet3SM is incorrect:

  1. From the FormsNet3SM Recipient Tab, enter the CRID and click Search
  2. Click on the Edit icon for the Form 2400
    1. Collapse the sections. Scroll to the Donor Information section and click to expand.
    2. Correct the value(s) for “Specify Donor”. Keep in mind that there may be multiple instances of this section if there was more than one donor used.
    3. A popup will appear asking for a Change Description. Select Entry Error from the drop down menu and click Save Now.
    4. Click Submit to rerun form validation. Resolve any errors or queries that are generated.
    5. Click Continue with Submission. A confirmation will display Form Status: Complete when all issues have been addressed.
Last modified: May 18, 2021