The Recipient Forms Due list will be automatically sent to current Primary Data Managers and staff indicated as cc-PDM. Centers in the United States should use this list of forms to know what is included in the CPI form completion requirement. Non-US centers should consider this a complete forms due list, as the requirements for CPI in the pilot centers is not as encompassing. Please see directions under the manual section titled FormsNet Forms Due Lists for details on how to make this ‘forms due’ list more reflective of an international CPI requirement.

Effective May 1, 2018 forms will be considered due based on form status. All forms in the following status DUE, SVD, QRY, ERR, and MOD will be considered incomplete. Note: Autologous forms with an event date prior to 12/3/2007 are currently excluded from CPI and therefore are not included on the Recipient Forms Due list. Consider using the Forms Due feature in FormsNet to get a list of these forms. Please be sure to complete the Indication for CRID Assignment Form 2814, the Pre-TED Forms 2400 and 2402, and the Pre-Cellular Therapy Essential Data Form 4000 as soon as possible to ensure the HCT type and treatment path are accurately reported and applicable forms for the CRID come due.

The forms due lists are sorted by CRID to facilitate data entry. The earliest complete dates are listed under the column “Earliest”. Recipient Summary report values are broken into twelve categories for US centers or six categories for Non-US centers as HCT product types are combined. Additional details regarding the summary information can be found in the Summary Report section. Centers are responsible for determining which category each form fits in regards to the time frame and infusion type. The two “Study” columns include the first and last alphabetical study name. If a CRID is on more than two studies, the middle alphabetical study names will not be available on the forms due report. Please note, completing forms used in CIBMTR studies should be a priority for centers, By the time these forms are included on the Recipient Forms Due or the Study Forms Due reports they are considered overdue by CIBMTR. The “Created By” column is available for most CRIDs, especially newer CRIDs, and gives the user name of the person who entered the initial CRID information into FormsNet. This is available for center use to help divide work and is not used by CIBMTR staff at this time. Treatment paths are listed as 1 for HCT and 2 for CT. If the value is blank, these forms will count against the center for all four summary types.

The number of forms required to meet your CPI requirement is subject to change until the close of the trimester. Some forms once completed, such as the Pre-TED Form 2400/2402, trigger other forms to be due. The forms that come due will count for CPI if their earliest complete date falls into the applicable time periods. If the HCT type (US only) or treatment path are not available for a CRID it will count against the center in each potentially applicable summary value.

Last modified: Apr 02, 2019