An e-blast announcement will be distributed to the centers informing them when the first round of the CVDR portal will be open. The dates will also be located on the CVDR portal for reference. Centers will have 2 weeks to review their CVDR dataset and submit a status. Please review your data as soon as possible to allow time to review with your medical director, submit tickets to CIBMTR with questions (as needed), and submit a center status. While reviewing your data, please ensure all the data are accurate and consistent with the data reported in the CVDR portal charts. Please utilize the FAQ, data dictionary, and E-learnings located on the CVDR portal for resources. Once reviewed, centers will submit a center submit status on the CVDR portal. Only medical directors and primary data contacts will be able to submit a status for your center. If you are not one of the aforementioned people, CVDR will give you an error message. During the first round, there will be 4 options to select.

1. Data Complete/Correct – Publish ALL Data

Selecting this option indicates that your center volume data from FormsNet3SM are complete and accurate as displayed in the tables and data. You agree to have all your data published on the HRSA website.

2. Data Complete/Correct – Publish ALLO data and NOT AUTO data

Choosing this option indicates that your center volume data from FormsNet3SM are complete and accurate as displayed in the tables. You agree to have your “Allogeneic Transplant Volume Data and NOT Autologous Transplant Volume Data” published on the HRSA website. The disclaimer below will be used for your center on the HRSA website:
“Autologous data are reported voluntarily and are not available for this center.”

3. Data Pending for Correction – Will update FN to Publish ALL Data

During the first round, this option may be chosen to indicate that the data are still being reviewed by your center, your center may need to make changes in FormsNet3SM, or your center has questions for CIBMTR regarding their dataset. Once updates are made in FormsNet3SM, the data will be refreshed for review during the second round. If you select this option during the first round, you will need to submit a center status again for the second round.

4. DO NOT PUBLISH data for the center

Selecting option 4 means you do not agree to publish your Transplant Center Volume Data. However, CIBMTR will review all center statuses and reserves the right to publish a center’s data even if they submit this publishing preference. If the final decision is made to not publish a centers data, it will not be made available to the public and transplant community and the following statement will appear on the government website: “Although these centers performed transplants, their data could not be included in the U.S. Transplant Data by Center Report. Most of these centers did not provide data within the timeframe needed for this report. A few centers did provide data, but their data could not be validated in time for this report.”

Last modified: Aug 12, 2021