If the Discrepancy Report indicates a DOB and/or Sex mismatch between the submitted CTA spreadsheet and the data in FormsNet3SM , the center must determine where the error(s) occurred and update as described below.

Common issues:

  • Date and month switched
  • Date mis-entered/auto-corrected
  • One of the dates was estimated

If the submitted CTA spreadsheet was incorrect:

  1. Update the value(s) on the spreadsheet
  2. Resubmit the spreadsheet via CIBMTR Center Support (https://nmdp.service-now.com/csm).
    1. Select CTA and CTA list resubmission

If FormsNet3SM is incorrect:

  1. From the FormsNet3SM Recipient tab:
    1. Click Assign CRID and click Search / Edit CRID from dropdown list.
    2. Enter the CRID in the “Search For” box and click Search (far right).
  2. FormsNet3SM will return a grid with some details about the CRID.
    1. Click the Edit Form icon.
    2. Enter the correct DOB and/or Sex.
    3. Click Save Now. FormsNet3SM will validate that all critical fields answered.
      1. A confirmation at the bottom right of the screen will confirm the changes were successful.
      2. If the confirmation does not appear, review the entered data for red text identifying any errors.
  3. To return to the Forms grid, Click on the Recipient tab.
    1. Search for the CRID that was updated.
    2. Find the Form 2400 for that CRID and click the Edit Form icon.
    3. A pop-up message will display to confirm the changes made on the CRID Assignment will be updated on this form. Click OK.
    4. Click Submit to rerun form validation. Resolve any errors or queries that are generated.
    5. Click Continue with Submission. A confirmation will display Form Status: Complete when all issues have been addressed.
Last modified: May 18, 2021