CIBMTR Data Quality Checks

Before the CVDR season begins, CIBMTR will run data quality checks on the CVDR data. If there are any discrepancies or missing data, the CIBMTR will place a query or reach out to the centers to resolve the inaccuracies. Since these discrepancies will cause the record to be excluded from your dataset, please prioritize resolving these queries so they are included. A query list is distributed to the centers on a weekly basis. In addition, centers can review data in QRY status in FormsNet3SM. The data checks include the following:

  1. Disease status discrepancy (this discrepancy will not exclude cases from your CVDR report, although these will be queried.)
  2. Specific Disease missing (Form 2402)
  3. Form 2402 Incomplete
  4. Donor type missing (Form 2400)
  5. Race discrepancy
  6. Ethnicity discrepancy
  7. Disease information missing (Form 2402)
  8. Recipient Gender discrepancy
  9. Recipient Birth Date discrepancy
  10. Recipient Birth Date missing

CIBMTR Internal Updates

CIBMTR will update the CVDR dataset with new form revisions or any coding updates, which will be reflected in the CVDR Data Dictionary. The dataset will be reviewed for accuracy and uploaded onto the CIBMTR CVDR portal. The portal will be reviewed for accuracy.

Last modified: May 19, 2022