Important PPC Concepts

It’s marketing that is unique and powerful

Google search marketing simply has nothing to do with any other kind of marketing or selling. It isn’t like SEO. It isn’t like display advertising. Or YouTube marketing. Or email marketing. Or any other kind of marketing program.

A Google search campaign lets you precisely target specific searches: which search terms, from which locations, on which devices, and at which times of day you want to target. And then show that Google searcher an ad/landing page targeted specifically for their search.

What makes it work so well for small/medium business?

So what does this mean to your marketing in terms of getting business profitably? A lot. This ability to relate your “solution” to a Google searcher’s “problem”, while they are looking on Google, is very big. And the system (Google Ads) has some unique features that can really help you get real customers in a very scientific, efficient fashion.

  1. You can get customers to buy from you who have never heard of you.
    This is essentially compressing all the steps of marketing and selling into a few seconds of a Google search. This allows you to sell against companies that have more established branding and distribution.
  2. Campaign changes are implemented virtually immediately.
    You can be getting clicks within minutes of starting a campaign. And you can turn it off just as quickly. Amazing level of control is possible.
  3. The data that you get from running campaigns is extremely valuable.
    You have access to information about your marketplace and your campaigns that is very scientific and very good at helping you get business profitably. If you know how to use it.
  4. With call-only campaigns, you can connect directly.
    Potential customers can connect with you by phone (and you don’t even need to have a website).
  5. Very advanced levels of ad customization are possible.
    You are able to show an individual searching on Google an ad that was customized for their search terms, location, and device.
  6. You can manage every detail.
    You can manage your campaigns very scientifically and only pay for the clicks that get you business.

Google Ads will do EXACTLY what you program it to do

Notice we used the word “program” because Google Ads is a programming language you use to get Google to do what you want. Many users have a tendency to forget that all those features work in a systematic fashion.

If you want Google to show a particular ad only when the user types in a particular set of terms at a particular time from a particular device, you can make a campaign that does EXACTLY that.

There are rules – millions of them – don’t worry

Don’t worry about them because Google will tell you if you’re breaking any of the rules. And you’ll make the corrections then. There are so many rules that it would be ridiculous to try to cover them in writing. You just have to realize that, with some engineering, you can probably get the searches you want, show the ads you want, and get business.

What do these “rules” look like? They look like ads and keywords that are rejected by Google when you go to load your campaign in to production. You can say: “burger queen”, but probably not “burger king”. You might not be able to say “Aon” in any context. You might not be able to say “cure” just about anywhere. You might not be able to say “organic” (which has about 400 meanings) on ads for your travel website.

Well, here’s one specific rule we CAN tell you about:
You can’t advertise for something that is illegal. So don’t.

If you notice inconsistencies, you may have to tell Google. Sometimes they fix them. Sometimes they don’t. But don’t be surprised when your ad, which is identical to a competitor’s, is disapproved. Don’t be surprised when you have the same ad running in 100 major cities, and it’s disapproved in 5 of them. It’s always worth asking Google to look at your situation. They do fix a lot of these.

CampaignBuilder helps here as well. Changing your keywords and ads and extensions is fast and easy. And you can tag the projects that contain ads that were rejected and stay organized.


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