4.6 The lure of cheap clicks

The mistake of getting more and cheaper clicks

It can be a challenge to find customers in the ocean of Google searchers. It requires focus on specific customer needs with the right keywords, ads, locations, and settings. Unfortunately, some users respond to this challenge by broadening (making them less specific) their keywords and ads to generate more impressions and clicks.

Let’s understand this mistake and why it happens. Some users make this mistake believing that, if they get enough clicks, customers have to follow. Fortunately, once you understand it, you won’t make this mistake.

Please remember that most of the Google Ads experts who share their expertise with you – including Google themselves – get paid more when you pay more.

You, however, profit when you get more customers from fewer clicks.

How CPC (cost per click) is related to CTR (click thru rate)

CPC is the cost per click you are paying Google. CTR is the ratio of clicks divided by the number of times Google showed your ad (impressions).

How much you have to pay for a click (CPC) is relative to how often people click on your ad (CTR). If you modify your keywords/ads so that they have twice the CTR, you’ll only have to pay half as much per click (CPC).

High CTR and low CPC are good – right?

Except, that’s the opposite of what you want to do to get customers.

Think of it this way. The more “generic” you make your keywords and ads, the more “appeal” they will have to all kind of Google searchers. Now you’re attracting clicks for the wrong reasons and you’re getting a LOT of them.

Not clear? Just imagine changing your ads and keywords so that you are giving away your product or service to anyone who clicks on your ad. You’d get a lot of clicks. And a very high CTR and a very low CPC. And you’re simply moving AWAY FROM GETTING ANY PROFITABLE CUSTOMERS.

The right approach: fewer impressions – more targeted ads

You need to get clicks from people who are the most likely buyers.
More specific keywords. More specific ads to go along with those keywords. What you need is a more targeted set of keywords coupled with an ad that matches your keyword targeting. Lower impressions. Raise the CTR. Lower the CPC.

Most importantly: Avoid a bunch of clicks that probably weren’t buyers. Keywords that are too broadly defined show your ad to people who aren’t really buyers.

Maybe your keyword “burn care” should be replaced by several keywords (like “24 hour walk-in burn care”) that are way more specifically targeted at real buyers of your emergency clinic that features 24 hour walk-in burn care.


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