Common Mistakes to be Avoided

It is very easy to make Google search marketing VERY hard

It might be valuable here to point out, specifically, what we have observed as the most common practices that result in campaigns that are not successful and are incredibly time consuming to work on.

We are not suggesting that there is always “one way” to design campaigns or use a particular feature. However, a little discipline in your approach will be rewarded with campaigns that you can understand and improve over time. Hopefully to profitability.

GPF Toolkit: A software company

Our company name refers to the three dimensions of relevance: Geography, Product (or Service), and Features. We often refer to this as simply GPF.

We have systematized the concept of relevance and are building systems to leverage that. We believe that mastering those three dimensions of relevance presents an opportunity for your company to do very well with Google Ads.

We have a special love for pay per click advertising because we were able to use it successfully for over 12 years. When it came time to decide what to do with our future, we decided that we could create a system so that other people could take advantage of some of the tools we had developed.

CampaignBuilder is designed to make Google Ads easy to use

Without the CampaignBuilder, getting your business going on Google requires outside experts or months of work or a lot of money. Or all three. Even if you can get through that, responding to the changing rules and features of Google Ads is a full time job.

CampaignBuilder was designed to help you start out with complete focus on one customer need and has the features to leverage that to handle your whole market. And it’s fun to use.

If you are experienced with using Google Ads, you will see that in 15 minutes of using the CampaignBuilder, you can do what used to take days of effort without it.

If you are fairly new to using Google Ads, you will be able to leverage what you know about your company and how to market it without being slowed down by the complexity and learning curve of the Google Ads and Ads Editor software. In addition to being very intuitive, the CampaignBuilder is a great way to learn quickly.


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