4. Google PPC fundamentals

If you are an experienced search marketer, you can skip this section. If not, we hope you will take some time to review it. While you can easily learn how the CampaignBuilder works “on the fly”, the important aspects of Google search marketing are not quite that easy. This information can really help you avoid wasting time and money.

What you do – and don’t – need to know

Most companies have to hire experts and spend a lot of money and time to get going with Google search marketing. CampaignBuilder can get you out of spending most of that time and money.

But you do have to know a few things about how search marketing works. Here’s some examples:

  • You won’t need to know the ten features that Ads has to manage your keyword bids, but you will need to understand what a keyword bid does.
  • You won’t need the complex formula that is used to calculate your quality score, but you will need to understand what the word “relevance” means.
  • You won’t need to be an expert on developing keyword lists, but you will need to understand how keywords work.

Is this just a crash course in search marketing?

Essentially, yes. Because the most important element for success with search marketing is understanding how it works. We are referring to understanding things like: why search marketing is uniquely powerful, how to get your ads to show, how a keyword works, and how to improve your performance each day.

Without having to get bogged down in the gory details of Google Ads, (because the CampaignBuilder relieves you of most of this), you’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to understand what’s happening with your campaigns.

If you’re completely new to search engine marketing . . .

We recommend reviewing some of the Get Started On Google Ads guides that various companies publish online. Try to find ones that focus on Google paid search and were written after 2018. They will help you understand the theory of paid search and how to use the it for your business.

Here’s links to three of our favorites:

No association or endorsement is implied with any of these companies. Nor are the guides presented in any particular order. We just think the guides mentioned above are pretty good. If you have a guide you would like us to list here, we’d love to hear from you.

Is this section really about the CampaignBuilder?

Well, not really. The information presented here is about being successful with Google pay per click advertising. We wouldn’t change one word for someone who was using the CampaignBuilder as opposed to someone who wasn’t.

But sort of. The CampaignBuilder was designed to make many of the recommendations you will read here very easy to implement.

Disclaimer: Your results may vary

Everything presented here is opinion, based on our experience.

We’re not saying that because our attorney said we needed disclaimers. We said it because the only real “authority” here is: what actually works for your business. And if you have experience in this area, you know that is not always easy to predict.

Also, we’d like to point out that this information (and the CampaignBuilder itself) is specifically targeted to small and medium sized businesses (SMB). Large companies use search marketing, but how they use it is nothing like how SMB goes about it. Everything here is focused on SMB search marketing.

Do you disagree or question anything in here? Good. Please take the time to tell us. We want to understand the limits of our information and try to learn more about what people are doing with Ads and with the CampaignBuilder.


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