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Getting started

The CampaignBuilder makes the job of designing your campaign much easier and you will waste a lot less money while you find out the keywords and ads that really get customers.

Here are the steps to getting started.

  1. Determine what the scope of your campaign will be.
  2. Create a new project and assign a project name and description.
  3. Complete the project settings tab.

Determine the scope of your campaign

What is the ONE specialty in the one location where you feel you can most effectively pursue customers while they are searching on Google?

The more specifically you define this, the better. Keywords and ads will be easy to develop when you focus on what your business is the best at.

If you are struggling with the task of defining a “customer need”, you can get around that by simply putting together a list of a few search phrases (“emergency burn care”, “walk in burn care”, “24 hour clinic”) that you think are relevant to what you want to advertise for on Google. This is important in building your keyword list as well.

Please review the section called “Setting campaign scope” under “Google PPC Fundamentals”.

Create a new project

  1. Go to the Project List page and click New Project. You will be asked to provide a name and description. You can use any name (up to 30 characters) and any description (up to 60 characters) that will help you remember what’s in it. These are easy to change at any time.

Creating a new project from the project list page
  1. When you’ve entered your project’s name/description, you will be taken to the Project Detail page; specifically on the Project Settings tab.

Starting a project: The project settings tab

Complete the project settings tab

Project settings are where you define the names and characteristics of your campaign. Let’s go through each of these. These are fairly easy to set because you want to start out simple. You can expand – once you have a good idea of what is working well for you.

  1. Campaign name: Up to 30 characters with no spaces; this should reflect the devices/hours you want such as “Mobile24×7”.
  2. Adgroup name: Up to 30 characters with no spaces; This should reflect the customer need you are focusing on such as “BurnCare”.
  3. Campaign daily budget: Set this conservatively between $100 and $500 until you have reviewed some daily results. You want it big enough to start getting clicks and small enough to stop if you’re not getting the right clicks. Your performance reports will let you know quickly (within hours or a day) what you will need to set this at. Initially, it is just a guess. Start out guessing low.
  4. Max. cost per click: Set this between $2 and $7 until you have some daily results to review and you can make adjustments. Your performance reports will let you know quickly (within hours or a day) what you will need to set this at. Initially, it is just a guess. Start out guessing low.
  5. Phone number: You can choose to: a) not show a phone number, or b) show a phone number with your text ad, or c) show a “call-only” ad.
    (Please review the section on call-only ads).
  6. Landing page URL: Enter the “www” address of your website.
  7. Device types: You can select mobile, desktop, tablet or any combination of them. We recommend starting with mobile only or desktop only before combining device types. Mobile is about 75% of searches today and they do not behave like desktop searches.
  8. Ad schedule: Choose the ad schedule that works for you. The most important question here is: can you productively take advantage of clicks during non-business hours? Limit them to business hours until you are sure.

That’s all there is to starting your project. Now on to locations.



  • You may have read about the concept of single theme adgroups because it is a popular topic. It is the same approach we are suggesting here. We prefer the term single user need.
  • If you want to employ campaign or adgroup settings that are not in the CampaignBuilder standard features, you can. Examples: accelerated ad schedules, automated bidding, custom landing pages. Please just chat with us.
  • While these features are not IN the CampaignBuilder, they are just as easy to use with the CampaignBuilder as they would be without it.


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