3. Using Google Ads Editor

As challenging as it can be to design a good campaign, it’s even tougher to make sure it’s always correct and updated without causing errors. CampaignBuilder makes it very easy to manage your campaign designs and lets you move or update them in your production Google Ads account with confidence.

CampaignBuilder talks directly to Google Ads Editor

CampaignBuilder not only makes designing new campaigns MUCH easier, it makes putting them into production and keeping them updated much easier as well. This is because it was designed to work with Google Ads Editor.

One button updates your account in Editor in about 30 seconds

The CampaignBuilder generates an an ECF (Editor compatible file) which allows you to quickly load or update complete campaigns into your Google Ads account. And, even though it works in seconds without manual effort, there is no “connection” to your account (as other tools typically require), so you stay in complete control.

If you are new to using Google Ads, Editor is free Google software that makes managing campaigns much easier (download Editor here).

Campaigns load (or update) in about 30 seconds

Whether you are loading a new campaign for the first time, or updating an existing one, moving a campaign from the CampaignBuilder to your Google Ads account takes about 30 seconds and all the parts are updated correctly.

You can see how this works anytime by opening one of the eight example projects in your project list. Then Press the “download” button on the Export tab, then “Import-File” into Editor.

All the parts of your complete QuickStart campaign appear in Editor in about 30 seconds

Updating your campaigns is how you make them perform

Once you get your first campaign running on Google, Google Ads provides information each day that is extremely valuable and can help you to improve your performance.

You can see which keywords did not get any impressions. You can see where your ads appeared (how often they were first). You can see that you need more or less budget. You can see what search terms were used for most of your clicks. And you will want to make changes: add keywords, change an ad, change the ad schedule, etc.

However, manually typing in changes to Google Ads can cause so many errors that most people are very reluctant to do it.

The CampaignBuilder eliminates the problem of updating campaigns. Just make your changes in the CampaignBuilder and then reload your campaign into Editor. Everything is where it should be. Ready to be run in production. You will have no trouble implementing the changes you want to make.


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