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CampaignBuilder works with Google Ads and Ads Editor

Google Ads is where you store and run your search marketing campaigns. You can develop your campaigns in the web interface, or develop them in Ads Editor and synchronize them with your production account.

CampaignBuilder was designed to work in and with this environment. Without adding extra steps or things you need to learn. it actually helps new users to use and understand Google Ads more quickly and with fewer errors.

A tool focused on one job: Google PPC campaigns

There are 11 different types of campaigns that you can create in Google Ads. CampaignBuilder is specifically designed for just one of them:


What exactly does that mean? A customer types in search terms to Google and they will see your ad designed for those terms. Not display ads. Not video ads. Not app installs.

It doesn’t do anything else. Yet.

CampaignBuilder saves a huge amount of time

Just like TurboTax® helps you to do your taxes much better and with a fraction of the effort, CampaignBuilder helps you make Google Ads work a lot better with a lot less effort (and a lot less frustration).

Most companies have to hire experts and spend a lot of money and time to get going with Google search marketing. That’s because search marketing is unlike any other marketing and Google Ads is a very complex system. CampaignBuilder can get you out of spending most of that time and money.

And it saves you time the very first time you use it. That’s true if you are just starting out with Google Ads. And it’s true if you are an experienced Google Ads pro.

Great campaigns are now easy to design

Using Google Ads to design campaigns that will get you customers can be quite challenging. There are literally hundreds of features, most of which (should) have nothing to do with your marketing, so it is quite difficult to find and use the features that will help your business.

The CampaignBuilder solves that problem by combining a very usable campaign template with a great interface for managing all your campaign information.

Great campaigns are now very easy to create

With CampaignBuilder, creating campaigns that work for your business is a matter of completing four tabs: settings, locations, keywords, and ads. Loading and updating campaigns is also very easy because CampaignBuilder interfaces directly with Google Ads Editor.

Dive in – ask questions on chat

The CampaignBuilder is easy to use and actually fun (we’re not kidding). There’s a lot of great info in this guide, but if you want to just get started, go ahead. You can always come back here when you need to.

If you’re trying to use our software, we’re interested in your question. Could be about CampaignBuilder. Could be about Editor. Could be about an idea for keywords. Or what is a “customer need”.

As you advance with more complex campaign designs (such as separate campaigns for each city or zip), you will find that CampaignBuilder handles these with ease.

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