The Terminology of Google PPC

Google search marketing uses precise terminology

There are only a handful of terms that make up the pay per click “lingo”, but they are important terms with very precise meanings. It is quite important that you understand these.

  1. Search Terms
    If your potential customer is searching on Google, the words they type in are called: search terms.
  2. Keywords
    If you want your ad to show for those search terms, you need to match them with one of your keywords.
  3. Search Engine Results Page
    The page that Google returns for a search is called a search engine results page or SERP, where Google decides which ads to show and in which order.
  4. Impression
    When the match is close enough and your bid is high enough, Google decides to show the searcher your ad. This is called an impression.
  5. Click
    If they click on the ad, it’s called a click and they are taken to your site’s landing page (which is just your main website or a page that has been customized).
  6. MaxCPC Bid
    You can set the maximum amount you would pay for a click – your maximum cost per click bid (maxCPC bid) for your keywords.
  7. Cost per click
    The actual amount your are charged for a group of clicks divided by the number of clicks is called your cost per click, or CPC.
  8. Click thru rate
    The ratio of clicks to impressions is called: click thru rate or CTR.
  9. Conversion
    If they buy from you (or do the action you were hoping for), it’s called a conversion.
  10. Conversion rate
    The ratio of conversions to clicks is called: conversion rate.



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