ABC: Always Be Converting

You’re hunting for customers – not just clicks

If you think you can go get clicks and then, somehow, evolve them into customers, you will be paying for a lot of clicks and getting very frustrated because there are very few customers. Because real customers of exactly what you are selling are rare in the sea of Google searchers.

You can’t find those rare customers with generic keyword lists (based on volume statistics) or get them to buy with an ad which doesn’t specifically tell them what and how to buy.

It starts with doing some great research

You need to have a well thought out strategy for getting clicks from real customers – and avoiding clicks from non-customers. This involves some serious research to find out how your potential customers go about buying the kinds of goods and services you provide.

How do the real buyers in your marketplace go about finding your type of products and services on Google. What search terms? What devices? Do they order online? Do they want to call you? Do they want to see prices?

ABC: Always Be Converting

Clicks are simply way too expensive to treat like any “normal website visitor”. Think of the paid clicks you will get as very well qualified leads. (Dare we say: “the Glengarry leads”.)

So you only want clicks from people who type in the kinds of search terms that buyers use: specific combinations of geography, product/services, and features. Then you want them to click on an ad that would only appeal to a real potential buyer.

When you design your campaign to be “high converting” – you’re not just trying to get a click – you’re setting yourself up for successful conversion. It’s a very important mindset to carry when designing your campaigns.

  1. A person searches on Google with carefully targeted search terms – You’re smart and you ignore people who use generic search terms
  2. That person then sees an ad that was customized for their search – You know their terms, their device type, their location
  3. That person chooses to click your ad because they are interested – Your very targeted ad makes it clear that it’s “FOR BUYERS ONLY
  4. The advertiser (you) might pay as much as $20 for that ONE click – You’re going to make sure that money is well spent

Conversions don’t just happen – YOU CREATE THEM

Suppose you’ve done all that work (hopefully, with the CampaignBuilder) to see that the only clicks you get are Google searchers who are in your market and have used terms that indicate they are potential buyers. Now what?

Qualified clicks are important, but so is your process for turning that click into a customer. If you simply create “another website visitor” or phone call, you will not profit from search marketing.

If you take steps to handle your paid clicks as the well qualified leads they should be, then you can convert quite a number of them to be actual customers. (Hence, the use of the word conversion to refer to those clicks that ended up doing something that you value in your business).

There is as much creativity to be applied to the job of converting your clicks as their is to creating the campaigns that caused those clicks. This is where your knowledge of your marketplace can help you quite a bit.


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