Setting your campaign scope

Forget about the brochure – be specific

If you are a full service law firm, would you show the same ad to somebody looking for divorce help as you would to somebody looking for tax evasion – er – strategy? Or would you want to create specific ads for each type of law?

New Google Ads users tend to approach their first campaign as if they are creating a brochure for their company – trying to highlight all the wonderful things they do. But let’s think about that. What will this look like to a customer searching for someone to solve their specific problem? In their context? In their location?

Campaigns should start with one customer need

How much of what your business does will your first campaign incorporate?

Our recommendation is to start out focused on one “customer need” – choose a well defined product or service you are providing in a particular way (“manual transmission repair” or “organic cotton shirts” or “emergency burn care” would be examples).

Don’t worry about starting out too small – it is easy to scale success – for CampaignBuildert users.

Which “customer need” should you focus on first?

We recommend that you start with the customer need where you believe you have the most leverage over your competitors. Keywords and ads will be easy to develop when you focus on one of the customer needs that your business is the best at.

What is the ONE specialty in the one location where you feel you can most effectively pursue customers off of Google? The more specific, the better.

Imagine how hard it is to develop keywords and ads when you start out mixing several different customer needs and messages. Throw in a mix of locations, and you begin to understand why people start spending money but have no idea how to go about improving their results or scaling their success.

Google Ads rewards starting small

If you start small – you’re going to quickly learn all about how campaigns work, and perform, and need fixing – all in little time while wasting very little money.

Here’s a list of all the ways Google Ads will reward you for starting small:

  1. You’re not going to need much time to develop your keyword list, ads, and campaign.
  2. You’re not going to spend much money before you can correct your mistakes.
  3. You’re going to learn all about budgets, bids, and cost per click for very little money.
  4. You’re going to completely understand your performance reports: search terms, clicks, devices, markets, etc.
  5. You’re going to know if you generated any business or calls or visits or something good.
  6. You’re going to be able to make changes, see the results in ONE DAY, and make more changes tomorrow.

In contrast, if you don’t start small, you won’t learn anything and it will cost you a lot.

(Ok. We might have exaggerated there. A LITTLE.)

Popularity versus Profitability

Every business has to deal with the tradeoff between selling more of one thing and selling fewer things that are more profitable. There is no place where this is more relevant than Google search marketing.

Pay-per-click means you pay for each click (anywhere from $1 to well over $20; each). You want to get the clicks that are customers. Fortunately, the more serious the buyer is, the more they tend to use specific search terms including geographic (zip code or city) in their searches. And remember. You’re advertising on Google. Four billion searches each day. When you do find combinations that are profitable, you may have discovered something very scalable.

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