Google is where customers search for your business

Google search marketing lets your small/medium business connect with any of the 3.5 billion Google searches each day. You can target specific search terms and show an ad specific to your business. If someone clicks on your ad, they go to your web site, and hopefully, they become a customer. Google Ads is the system you use to set all this up for your business.

Get customers while they are searching for you on Google

But, Google Ads has hundreds of features and options, most of which have nothing to do with your marketing. Figuring out what will work for your business and then designing the campaigns has become a very tough job. Especially for people who are new to Google Ads.

With the Quickstart, great campaigns are easy

Creating campaigns that work the way you want is now a simple matter of completing four tabs: settings, locations, keywords, and ads. Then review, correct, and load into your account. And it won’t take you months to get going. It will only take one hour.

That’s because the QuickStart combines a very clear campaign template with an interface for managing all your campaign information. Now you have a way of quickly and accurately creating campaigns that will work well for your business.

QuickStart makes the job of great campaigns very easy

With the QuickStart, displaying ads on Google that highlight your ability to meet customer needs is fast and easy. You don’t have to wonder what your campaigns are doing – you can easily manage and improve them each day.

QuickStart helps inexperienced Ads users

If you are new, or fairly new to using Google Ads, the QuickStart helps you get going in a small fraction of the time it would take you to design your own campaigns from scratch.

It saves you the weeks of learning what features to use and how to use them. Tough things like ad schedules and device type preferences are simple push buttons. You can always see exactly what is happening and you can try out many alternatives to see what will work on Google.

With the QuickStart, new users can better spend their time learning what works, improving your Ads performance, and trying new campaigns and strategies.

QuickStart helps experienced Ads users

If you are a more experienced Ads user, perhaps even an expert user, you will find the QuickStart to be even more of an advantage. The QuickStart “project” approach lets you create, modify, test, and run dozens of alternative keyword/ad combinations with scientific precision.

You can carefully name and track each alternative and continuously improve your performance on Google Ads. Then you can spend your time on improving performance – not buried in spreadsheets.

As you advance with more complex campaign designs (such as separate campaigns for each city or zip), you will find that the QuickStart handles these with ease.


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