Getting Started/Overview

Create Google Ads search marketing campaigns in minutes

QuickStart helps you use the most important features of Google Ads without the months of learning and effort that would normally be required. It combines a clear and logical campaign template with a very intuitive interface for entering and managing your campaign information.

QuickStart helps new users create Google Ads search campaigns in a fraction of the time it normally takes. It also helps experienced users to go from prototype to production while trying out many campaign options that would normally take weeks to design.

The Ads QuickStart is very easy to use because it shows you exactly how your campaign will look both technically and visually.

Where should you start?

While this user guide has a lot of valuable information, reading it is not required to get started. So, if you want to skip the reading for now, signup, and go to the Project List page. Or:

  • If you’re wondering: Why be excited about Google search marketing – start with “Google Ads Fundamentals”.
  • If you’re wondering: What is the Ads QuickStart? – start with the “QuickStart Vision”.
  • If you’re wondering: Who are these guys? – start with “About Us”.
  • If you want to see examples using the QuickStart, then signup with your email and go to the “Project List” page.
  • If you’re not sure what to do, please keep reading.

Understanding how the QuickStart works

All of the QuickStart functionality is contained in the job of creating and modifying “projects”. A project is just a campaign design that you can store, modify, and reuse. Within a project, campaign information is contained in the four “tabs”: Settings, Locations, Keywords, and Ads.

These screens are easy to learn and the Review tab shows you exactly how your campaign and your ads will look at any time.

To use the QuickStart, all you have to do is signup with your email/password. Then you will have full access to the application and the project list, including the examples. The fastest way to familiarize yourself with the QuickStart is to look at some campaigns created for businesses that you are familiar with. We created eight example projects so you can do exactly that.

You will need a Google Ads Account and Editor

When you are ready to actually start showing your ads on Google, you will (of course) need a Google Ads account.You will also need to use the Ads Editor software. Editor is how the QuickStart transfers complete sets of campaigns into your account. We encourage you to download the Google Ads Editor software and try it out.

If you have never used a Google Ads account, please start by reading the “Google Ads Fundamentals” section of this guide. Then set up your account and take a couple of hours to familiarize yourself with how it works. It is attached to a Google ID (or email account) and you’ll have to enter some basic information about yourself and the business you support.

We highly recommend that you set up a test account – separate from production – so you can test new campaigns without interfering with your production account.


When you sign up with your email/password, you are using the full QuickStart system for no charge. You can continue to do that until you have performed ten “Exports to Editor”. That’s the button located on the “Exports” tab that creates an ECF (Editor compatible file) that can be loaded into Google Ads Editor.

After you have completed 10 free exports, you will be asked to “subscribe” for a period of 30, 60, or 90 days, at a cost of $250, $450, and $600, respectively. That license grants ONE INDIVIDUAL USER the ability to perform as many exports as they require. This individual license is a strict requirement of using the software and violators will not be granted access to the software.

This license period is referred to as “subscribing”, however, you are only charged once for the period you are subscribing for and there are NO RECURRING CHARGES. Your payment information is not stored or re-used. Period.

Support is the best part of our system

We get questions that range from campaign design, to keyword recommendations, to performance measurement, to – whatever. We love the challenge of trying to help you be successful. The more of your questions we can answer well, the more valuable our company becomes. We know a LOT about Google Ads search campaigns, Google Ads Editor, and other relevant tools like Excel.

For example: we can show you how to create a simple spreadsheet that can maintain your bids and custom settings and use it to update your campaigns whenever you need to. If it sounds complicated, it isn’t. We’ve perfected the process.

Bottom line: If you’re trying to use our software, we should be helping. There are many ways to use the QS that are quite obvious. But it can also be a part of much more sophisticated solutions.

Privacy/Your Information

We are here to provide you the best software and the best support we can possibly provide. We are NOT here to “gather information” from you.

The most important feature of the QS is the ability to export your project and import it into Google Ads Editor without you having to “hook up” your Google Ads to anybody’s external systems. You retain complete control over your account and any changes made to it.


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