As soon as a Q-tag file is uploaded, the system checks for Alarms reported by the Q-tag and translates them into Excursions. Each Alarm reported in the Q-tag data file will be translated into a single Excursion. Configuration for an Alarm will be represented by the Rule of the corresponding Excursion.

For example, if a Q-tag alarm configuration is set for temperature “above 44.9°C for 1h” then the excursion triggered against such an alarm would have its rule as “Temperature > 44.9 for 01:00:00”. If the alarm configuration has any established rule, then this is also indicated in its corresponding Excursion rule.

Note: The Time of an Alarm and the Start time of an Excursion do not represent the same thing. The date and time of an alarm represent the time when the alarm was trigged based on a configuration.
E.g. Time 10:00 of an alarm against configuration “above 44.9°C for 1h” indicates that at that time the temperature was found to be above 44.9°C for one hour. The actual breaching of the temperature was started an hour ago which is at 09:00 in this case. The Start time of the reported Excursion shows the actual start time when the breaching of the temperature is first identified. This helps to identify the exact point of time when the temperature started breaching the limit. The excursion also states the End time of an Excursion which usually represents the exact point of time when the temperature went back to the limit. In case the temperature did not come back to the limit before the Q-tag is stopped, then the Stop Time of the Q-tag is noted as End time for the excursion. The excursion reported against the Accumulated Alarm configuration does not have an end time.

Notification about a Q-tag Excursion

Although you do not get the notification about the Q-tag alarm in real time, SmartView has the capability to send notifications about the Q-tag excursions reported against Q-tag Alarms. As soon as a Q-tag data file is uploaded to the system, the system will send a notification about the Q-tag alarms reported in it.

If a Q-tag is associated with a Shipment and an Event Profile with recipients defined is added to the shipment prior to the Q-tag file upload, then as soon as Q-tag file is uploaded, the notification email about the Q-tag will be sent to the recipients defined in the shipment profile.

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