Supported Devices by SmartView are:

  • Fridge-tag 3
  • Fridge-tag 2 L

Fridge-tag 3

Key-Features Fridge-tag 3

  • Temperature data is shown in a Graph
  • Fridge-tag 3 devices can be associated to Sectors
  • Temperature and non-temperature related events from the device are converted to Notifications in SmartView
  • Daily Statistics are stored in SmartView and can be viewed and exported as PDF
  • Device Event notifications are stored in SmartView
  • Two different Email Recipient lists are available: one for the temperature related Notifications and another one for non-temperature related Notifications
  • Excursions from the device are converted to Excursions in SmartView when the device is associated to a Sector
  • Sector and Device offline Notifications are supported when the Device is associated to a Sector
  • Full support of the SmartView Excursion management and tracking
  • Full support of the SmartView Audit Trail
  • Device can be configured in SmartView, allowing the user to change all relevant Settings
  • Configurations can be saved as Templates for easy assignment to multiple Devices

Fridge-Tag 3 Configuration

Fridge-Tag 3 General Information

  • Firmware version
  • GSM module version
  • IMEI
  • Mobile number
  • Mobile gateway
  • SIM ID
  • Device model
  • Initial CID
  • Timezone

Fridge-tag 2 L

Key-Features Fridge-tag 2 L

  • Log temperature measurements at different locations or during a shipment.
  • Upload to SmartView manually
  • Status Checks of the device are shown in the column of the daily statistics
  • Device time zone is now integrated in PDF reports
  • Data gaps are now shown in the PDF report as “-“, when including the measurements

The Fridge-tag 2 L measures the ambient temperature. If one of the two alarm limits is exceeded or fallen below, an alarm will be triggered on the display and/or is audible as an audio signal. A quick decision and immediate action is thus possible. The PDF/A report, now also with a temperature curve, can be generated without additional software. The Fridge-tag 2 L is optionally available with an external temperature sensor (measures till –40°C / –40°F)

Uploading Fridge-tag 2 L data files

Note : Before you upload a Fridge-tag 2 L data file make sure the Fridge-tag 2 L is already registered for your site. If the device has not been registered to your site you cannot upload the Fridge-tag 2 L data file.

To upload a new Fridge-tag 2 L data file in the system go to the menu item “Devices” and click on the

The following screen will appear, allowing you to choose the Fridge-tag 2 L files which you would like to upload:

Uploading a Fridge-tag 2 L file is a four step process.

Step 1: Select File(s). Choose Fridge-tag 2 L file(s) and click the Upload File(s) button. You can upload serveral files at one time, but only one file per device.

Step 2: Check File(s). After the Fridge-tag 2 L data files are uploaded, in the second step the system will check the integrity of the files. You will be notified if any file is invalid or its integrity has been compromised or if the file has been uploaded to the system earlier.

Step 3: Process Files. Finally click the button to store the Fridge-tag 2 L data into the system. If any Fridge-tag 2 L device ID does not exist in the system, this process will also ensure the inclusion of the Fridge-tag 2 L device ID in the system. If the Fridge-tag 2 L devices are already associated with any shipment, this process will also make an update in the shipment information such as filling the start time of the shipment.
After the files are processed, the results will be shown in the results section. You will be notified about how many of the files have been processed and how many of them are ignored.

Step 4: Select Timezone. The timezone can be selected when uploading the file. Last setting will be stored as a default, no need to choose the timezone everytime when uploading. To be sure that you have chosen the right timezone you have to confirm the timezone with “ok”.

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