The modify screen of a device, enables you to edit certain settings of a specific sensor:

  • State: enabled, disabled or out of service
  • Responsible location.
  • Name: a meaningful description that can be used to identify the sensor device.
  • Description

Changing the state of a sensor

Devices have a default status of ‘Enabled’. The status can be changed to ‘Disabled’ or to ‘Out of Service’.

*Status disabled:** This supports situations where sensors should not be used temporarily in sectors or shipments anymore., Incoming data will still be processed and is available on the device level. For example assumed malfunctioning or expired calibration certification. The status can be switched back to enable at any time.
To disable a device simply click on the device, then click on to change the state.
*Status out of service for SmartPoint devices only:** With this state, the device is no longer assigned to the site, incoming data will be rejected. All existing data of the device is still available. This is useful if a device is lost or shouldn`t be used anymore. By setting the state to Out of Service the device is no longer considered for the invoicing accordingly to the SLA agreement. This process cannot be reversed.

Assigning a Responsible Location

A Responsible Location is a location within a corporate organization that bears the responsibility for a specific device. The location may be a location with a wireless network, but may also be a location where shipments originate, but no wireless network is available. To improve the management of a pool of devices within a corporate organisation, it is possible to assign the responsible location. To assign a responsible location, access the modify page of the device and select the Responsible Location from the list.

Note: the Responsible Location will be automatically overwritten by the system with the current network location, when the device starts to report from a network location that is different from the manually assigned location.

Choosing a Name

Assigning a name to a device, helps the user recognise it easier in the system. The name will appear throughout the system and its changes are are also reflected throughout the system. Define the Name in the Name field and click ‘Save’ to save the change.

Assigning a descriptive note

Besides the alias, you can also define a descriptive note for a device.

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