The Audit Trail functionality of SmartView allows a user to track different users’ activities in SmartView. Such an activity includes the creation of a Shipment and/or Sector, adding or deleting a SmartSensor association to a Shipment and/or Sector and so on.
The user has the option to view an overview of all the Audit Trail generated by the system. The user can filter the overview to track the activities of a specific user or to track the activities related to a Shipment or Sector.

Note: Only a user with specific access rights can view the Audit Trail. To have the access to this feature, contact Berlinger Support.

To view the overview of all the Audit Trail generated by the system, go to the menu item ‘Audit Trail’. You will see the overview of the system generated by the Audit Trail as show in the following image:

Each entry in the audit trail is generated for the activity related to one of the objects: Shipment, Sector, Event, Event Profile, Event Rule, Sensor Association, Location, Shipment Milestone. Thus it may look difficult to identify all the activities related to a single object. For example how to track activities related to a Shipment. This purpose can easily be served by performing the following steps:

View audit trail related to a single object

You can view the audit trail related to a single object in one of the following ways:

Use the filtering option: Filter the Audit Trail overview list by selecting the required Object (e.g. Shipment) and Object ID (e.g. Shipment ID). You will get a list of the Audit Trail containing the activities related to the specific object.

Click on the Object ID: Alternatively you can get the list of Audit Trail related to a specific object by clicking on the Object ID in any of the visible entries. For example, the screen shot showing the Audit Trail overview includes audit trail for Create, Update for Shipment with ID 5. To view only the audit trail related to this shipment, simply click on the ID (i.e. 5) of any of the corresponding entries. As shown in the following image, you will get the audit trail list with activities related to that particular shipment.

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