The following TE configuration should be done within SAP directly.

# Activity Details
4.16 Enable Email Notifications in Domain Controller Use SCOT to enable the sending of SMTP emails in your TE Domain Controller SAP system.

Depending on your existing SAP setup and chosen Domain Controller, this activity may already have been done by your Basis team.
4.17 Set up Email Notifications Job & Variant Use SA38 on program /BTI/TE_RNOTIFICATION_ENGINE to switch on/off the required TE email notifications for your organisation in your Domain Controller.

The following settings must also be configured:
4.18 Schedule Email notification job Use SM36 to schedule program /BTI/TE_RNOTIFICATION_ENGINE to run every 2-5 minutes in the TE Domain Controller.

Use the TE Batch user for the job steps.

You may also need to schedule program RSCONN01 to run as a second step in this job if it is not already set up by your Basis team. This will actually send the emails.
4.19 Activate SAP GUI processing Use SM31 to update table /BTI/TE_CONTROL in each of your development systems with an “Active” entry for the users that will be involved in testing.

Use a Blank username to switch on for all users.
4.20 Activate Development System SAP GUI Functions Use SM31 to maintain table /BTI/TE_ACTIVE in your TE Domain Controller and switch on the various functions required within your SAP Development Systems:

  • Transport is released
  • Transport is first used
  • In-Line Conflict Analysis
4.21 Web UI Activate web interface Use SICF to activate the following services in your TE Domain Controller:

default host > BTI > te web services
default host > sap > bc -> bsp -> bti -> te_bsp_new

Other general BSP services may also need to be activated to enable the web interface to work. I.e. All sub nodes in:

default host > sap > public -> bsp -> sap

When completed, establish the Web UI URL by testing the te bsp new service.
4.22 Schedule Web UI News Job Use SM36 to schedule program /BTI/TE_RUNEWS_UPDATE to run every 5 minutes in the TE Domain Controller.

Use the TE Batch user for the job steps.
4.23 Schedule TE Data Backup Use SM36 to schedule a job to run program /BTI/TE_RBACKUP_DATA_EXP_NEW to back up all your TE data and configuration tables.

Use the TE Batch user for the job steps.

Basis Technologies would generally recommend that you schedule this backup on a daily basis.


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