To prepare to execute a set of testing activity must be recorded/captured from the source systems and have an associated system copy.

Time Required

Approximately 24-48 hour per system

Audience / Users

Test team

Process Steps

The process of performing a recording of one or more source systems is the following:

  1. Run check steps – A series of checks will be run against the systems to ensure that they are in the right state to be recorded. If any check steps are flagged up with an issue, you should investigate each one to determine whether this will prevent the recording from being successful.
  2. Run preparation steps – A number of preparation steps are automatically run against the systems to ensure the system is ready for the recording to begin. The difference between check steps and preparation steps is that preparation steps actually “do something”. These run prior to the recording and if there is a problem the recording will not start and you should investigate to fix these issues.
  3. Activate recording – Turn on the recording process from which point all interactions with the server are captured.
  4. Monitor recording – Monitor the recording process and check for any impacts on recorded systems. There are a set of tasks that you can run to monitor the system for performance and user impacts. This would usually be done earlier in the product adoption phase and gradually phased out (or done minimally) once you are accustomed to the solution. The set of checks can be found here.
  5. Perform full system copy – Soon after activation of the recording, have the basis team perform a full database copy of the system. Once the database copy is taken, in parallel with the recording running, the basis team can start to implement post-processing steps to bring the copy system up.
  6. Deactivate recording – After the required recording period, switch off the recording.
  7. Run post-processing steps – A series of steps are automatically run after the recording is deactivated.

Once the above steps are performed, the system is now ready to be recorded. Note if you have multiple source systems in your test plan these steps must be repeated for each source system in the test plan.


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