This table identifies high school seniors enrolled in a dual enrolled course offered by a community college anytime during the students’ high school years. Cohorts are based on definitions required for state reporting purposes which were revised in 2011. Previous to the 2008 cohort year, dual enrollment cohorts were defined as those only enrolled in a dual enrollment course during the senior year; data for cohorts using the earlier definition are in the CC DUAL ENROLLMENT COHORT ORIGINAL (Orig) Table

What is the key (unique identifier for a row) for this table?

Unique records are determined by Cohort Year, Dual Arizona Unitid, ASSIST Student ID, Dual Course Semester and a course selection field combing data from the Dual Course Prefix and Dual Course Number. In other words, there is one record per student per community college per course per semester.

Why would you use this table?

If you are a community college, you would want to use this table to assist in tracking the performance of your students who enrolled in dual enrollment courses anytime during their high school years in any subsequent college course work at public Arizona institutions.

Notes on using this table:

(1) In this table, Dual Arizona Unitid refers ONLY to community colleges.

CC_DUAL_ENROLLMENT_COHORT Data Elements & Definitions