Once your instrument is driven by notes, follow these steps to further adjust its sound and vary it over time by recording changes in selected controls:

Adjust and automate controls
Figure 3.4.2: An open automation region with three key–frames looped twice on an automation track in the sequencer view.

  1. Drag the “Resonance” knob on your instrument up to raise its value to 100%.
  2. Right-click the “Frequency” knob on your instrument and select “Create Automation” from the control context menu. Audiotool creates a new automation track called “Filter Frequency” for this control in the sequencer.
  3. Right-click the note region above the “Filter Frequency” automation track and select “Zoom Selection” from the region’s context menu to expand the sequencer view and show the whole region.
  4. Double-click inside the first bar of the “Filter Frequency” automation track to create a new one bar automation region, drag its right border to extend its length to 8 bars, double-click the region to open it and drag the right loop marker three bars to the right to make the region’s content 4 bars long.
  5. Drag the key-frame at the start of the content area of the open automation region down to set its value to 0%, double-click the center of the content area to add a second key-frame with an approximate value of 50% on bar 3 and double-click the lower right corner of the content area to add a third key-frame with a value of 0% on bar 5.


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Jordi wrote: Mar 13, 2018

What do you mean with "automate one sample"? Automation applies only to device controls, to change their value automatically during playback, not to samples. If you have several samples in a single audio track, you can adjust the key-frames of your automation on the time-line to happen during that particular sample.

Dylan Curtis wrote: Feb 23, 2018

My problem with understanding is now with about a year of expierence with Audiotool. My question is, "how do you automate one sample and not the whole audio track". Thank you in advance- Dylan

Jordi Moragues wrote: Nov 1, 2017

Dylan, which part do you have problems understanding? In which step do you get lost?

Dylan Curtis wrote: Oct 31, 2017

The only problem I have with this is that it is to diffiucult to understand, If you can somehow explain this in an easier to understand way, that would be awesome, thank you!