The master section provides controls to set the polyphonic and unison mode, influence the overall pitch and panorama of the operators with detune, spread and glide, as well as set the output volume.

Heisenberg master section
Figure 7.9.1: The Heisenberg's master section.

  1. Mode: This selector engages monophonic, legato or polyphonic mode. Note: In polyphonic mode, the maximum polyphony is 16 divided by the number of unison voices, with last note priority. The sequencer delivers simultaneous notes from highest to lowest pitch.
  2. Unison: This selector engages unison mode, which multiplies the number of simultaneous voices triggered by each note from one (off position), to a maximum of four.
  3. Detune: When the unison mode is engaged, this knob spreads the pitch of each voice in cents within a maximum shift of one semitone in each direction.
  4. Spread: When the unison mode is engaged, this knob spreads the panorama of each voice within a percentage of the full stereo field in each direction.
  5. Glide: This knob sets the glide time at the start of every note in milliseconds from 0 (no glide) at minimum to 5 seconds at maximum. Note: Gliding to simultaneous notes in polyphonic mode doesn’t produce the expected results due to their sequential highest to lowest pitch delivery from the sequencer.
  6. Tune: This knob adjusts the pitch of all four operators in fractions of an octave, from one octave below the reference pitch at minimum through reference pitch at center to one octave above reference pitch at maximum. Note: With tune at 0%, an unmodulated A4 note equals 440 Hz.
  7. Velocity: This knob sets the amount by which the incoming note velocity modulates the default full note velocity as a percentage from full unmodulated velocity at minimum to fully modulated velocity at maximum. Note: This percentage is added to the operator specific velocity amplitude modulation percentage in the operators and modulation section.
  8. Volume: This knob attenuates the volume of the output in decibels.


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