The instrument section provides controls to select, edit and set the relative volumes of the drum sounds of instrument channels and the volume of the master output mix.

Beatbox 8 instrument section
Figure 7.3.1: The Beatbox 8's instrument section.

  1. Instrument select: This selector sets the instrument channel to be sequenced with the step sequencer section. Note: You can also select instrument channels by clicking the small labels around this selector and the big labels or the selection lights on each instrument channel.
  2. Accent level: This knob sets the volume of unaccented hits as a percentage of the volume of accented hits from 20% at minimum to 80% at maximum.
  3. Accent channel: Hits set for this special instrument define steps in the current pattern where any other instrument hits are played louder.
  4. Instrument channel: The Beatbox 8 has eleven instrument channels. Each channel has controls to select, set the volume and edit its corresponding drum sound. Five pairs of drum sounds share one instrument channel each and only one of the drum sounds in the pair can be selected for playback at any one time. The individual output for each instrument channel is located directly above it.
  5. Level: This knob sets the relative volume of the corresponding drum sound on the master output mix or on its individual output between silence at minimum and full at maximum.
  6. Tone: This knob sets the fundamental frequency of the bass and snare drum sounds between 55 Hz at minimum and 65 Hz at maximum for the bass drum sound and 177 Hz at minimum and 312 Hz at maximum for the snare drum sound. For the cymbal drum sound, this knob sets the attack portion of the sound between fast at minimum and slow at maximum.
  7. Decay: This knob sets the length of the decay portion of the bass, cymbal and open hi-hat drum sounds between very short at minimum and long at maximum. Note: The rate of decay follows a subtle exponential curve.
  8. Snappy: This knob sets the amount of noise in the snare drum sound between none at minimum and high at maximum.
  9. Tuning: This knob sets the frequency of the fundamental pitch of the tom and conga drum sounds between low at minimum and high at maximum. The frequency ranges are from 80 Hz to 102 Hz for the ow tom, from 112 Hz to 124 Hz for the mid tom, from 156 Hz to 174 Hz for the high tom, from 176 Hz to 212 Hz for the low conga, from 232 Hz to 254 Hz for the mid conga and from 352 Hz to 380 Hz for the hi conga.
  10. Instrument: This selector sets the drum sound assigned to the instrument channel. Note: It makes no difference which drum sound you sequence for these pairs; either of them will be played by the same sequence. You can automate this selector in record mode, with the “Tracks” top bar menu, the device context menu and the “Add Track” time-line tools menu.
  11. Volume: This knob attenuates the volume of the master output mix in decibels.


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