**The step sequencer section provides controls to clear patterns and edit the step sequence in the selected pattern. Note: You can shift and randomize the step sequence with the three first items in the device context menu.

Bassline step sequencer section
Figure 7.7.3: The Bassline's step sequencer section.

  1. Pattern length: This display shows the length of the current pattern in steps. The “-” and “+” buttons increase or decrease its length by one step. The minimum pattern length is 1 step and the maximum is 99. Note: Shift-click the buttons to double or halve the current pattern’s length.
  2. Pattern clear: This button clears the contents of the current pattern. Note: When you clear a pattern, its length is reset to 16 steps and its shuffle function disengaged.
  3. Note: These radio buttons set the note to be played at the current step. The keyboard starts at C2 and spans one octave. Note: when combined with the “Transpose” switches and the “Tuning” knob, the Bassline’s note range goes from C0 to C5.
  4. Shuffle on/off: This switch engages the shuffle function for the current pattern.
  5. Note on/off: This switch sets the note at the current step to play.
  6. Transpose: These switches transpose the note at the current step an octave down or up respectively.
  7. Accent: This switch accentuates the note at the current step.
  8. Slide: This switch doubles the length of the note at the current step and slides its pitch to that of the note at the next step. Note: The next step doesn’t need to have its note set to play for the slide function to work.
  9. Step index: This display shows the index of the step being currently edited.
  10. Next/Previous: These buttons advance the step sequencer to the next or the previous step in the sequence respectively.


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