TSP 700II thermal printer is used to print out MF tickets, so you can insert it into each item you listed. This will help you locate the item easily once it is sold. It will print SKU info on receipt paper (just like the ones from the grocery store), and automatically cut the label for you, so you can pull it out from the printer and insert it into your item (such as a book).

  1. Download printer driver here.
  1. Fill the form like the screen below.

  1. Click the software driver download link (6) to download and install the driver
  1. After you install the driver, connect the USB cable to the computer and turn on the printer.
  1. If your computer cannot detect TSP 700 printer, follow this troubleshoot.
  1. Select TSP 700 printer in TurboLister -> Menu (1) -> Printer (2) -> Ticket (Merchant Fulfill) (3) -> Star TSP 700II (4) -> Paper Size, either 72mm x 200mm or other paper size x 200mm (5) Do not choose receipt length.

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