To share your saved Profit Triggers between multiple accounts, use the following steps:

  1. Create a trigger list that you would like to share on the cloud or you upload trigger (1) from your phone to the cloud.
  1. If you create the new trigger list on the cloud, you need to go to the Profit Trigger screen, tap “Download” (2) to sync the Profit Triggers to your device. Then you can tap the dropdown menu (3) to verify the available triggers (4) to share.
  1. Return to the account screen and log into the account you would like to share those triggers(6).
  1. Go to the Profit Trigger screen and tap the dropdown menu (7). The triggers from the previous account will be available to use on the new account (8).
  1. To save those triggers onto the new account, tap “Upload” (9). This will replace this account’s cloud triggers.
  1. Ask the account holder to download profit triggers from his phone and his phone will have your shared triggers.


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