1. Time line – Using the Letter of Intent (Appendix 10), the Certified Educator Candidate notifies ACPE Certification certification@acpe.edu of their intent to submit theory position papers electronically five weeks prior to their submission.

2. Submission – The Certified Educator Candidate submits their papers in an electronic “read-only” format to ACPE Certification certification@acpe.edu.

3. After the Certified Educator Candidate submits the papers, ACPE Certification staff assigns the papers to a group of three readers, one of whom serves as the convener, and sends the readers the Candidate’s papers and Letter of Intent.

4. Readers use the Readers’ Composite Report on Position Papers (Appendix 9) to record their own comments and evaluations. Then as a group, they complete the team’s composite evaluation (satisfactory/unsatisfactory), including narrative and comments, which the convener sends in electronic read-only format to the Certified Educator Candidate, with a copy to ACPE Certification staff certification@acpe.edu.

5. Contact between Certified Educator Candidate and readers — The convener may contact the Candidate for clarification if needed, and the Candidate may contact any or all of the readers for clarification after the ratings and critiques are received.

6. Readers have 45 days from the date of receiving the papers and sending their feedback to the writer. During vacation and holiday times, the time may be longer, to a maximum of 60 days.

7. Len Cedarleaf Award — Conveners notify the ACPE Certification staff about theological/spiritual perspective position papers judged excellent and worthy of consideration for the award, granted annually by the ACPE Pacific Region in honor of Len Cedarleaf, a pioneer ACPE Supervisor from the region.