Evaluation of Papers

1. Readers focus on the Certified Educator Candidate’s:

a. ability to articulate a theoretical stance with respect to pastoral theology, personality theory and educational theory as it applies to supervision.
b. acquaintance with relevant literature; describes a position, illustrating mastery and critical use of relevant literature in the field.
c. congruence among the three positions; taken as a whole, the papers enhance and inform each other.
d. answering basic questions for each paper (see Theory Paper Guidelines: Content).
e. mastery of materials used:

1. theorists and resources represented accurately and in context;.
2. clear evidence of working familiarity with relevant literature; and
3. materials assimilated into understanding vs. awkward splicing of quotations in the text.

f. “critical purchase” of the approaches of theorists:

1.critical examination of implications of theorist’s views; and
2.exploration of the theoretical match of the primary assumptions of those views, i.e. if drawing on theological position of Reinhold Niebuhr (with belief in limited and sinful nature of humanity) and Carl Rogers (for psychological understanding), address discrepancies between those views.

g. explanation of theoretical position:

1.clinical examples are appropriate only to illustrate theoretical underpinnings of supervisory practice; and
2.articulation of “why” (e.g., constructing a theoretical case for a narrative theology/spiritual perspective approach to supervision) rather than elaboration of the “what” (i.e., narrating a student’s spiritual journey in a CPE unit).

2. Rewriting papers

a. Submit cover letter, revised papers and a copy of the critique(s), along with papers passed on first reading, to original readers, with a copy of the cover letter and revised papers to the ACPE Director of Programs or designee.
b.The convener sends the readers’ critiques to the Certified Educator Candidate who may contact the readers for clarification if needed. Copies of the critiques are also sent to the ACPE Director of Programs or designee.
c. Rewriting papers a second time: If a second rewriting is required for any or all of the papers, Certified Educator Candidates have two options:

1. Third written review — Consult with ACPE Director of Programs or designee. Current readers may be able to read a third time; if not: submit to ACPE Director of Programs or designee:

• cover letter with identifying information, daytime telephone number and address to which evaluation should be sent.
• four sets of each revised paper, along with a copy of any papers already passed and all evaluations.

Director of Programs or designee assigns a new set of readers.

2. Face to face evaluation of theory – Contact the ACPE Director of Programs or designee who contacts the Area Certification Committee chair to request a team of readers. Usually, at least 30 days will be required to arrange and coordinate this meeting.

The Chair appoints three readers and arranges for the reading and meeting in accordance with the area’s procedures. The chair may designate certain times during the year for reading.

The Candidate submits to the designated readers, with a copy of the cover letter and revised papers to the ACPE Director of Programs or designee:

- a cover letter,
- current revised paper(s) that addresses critiques from previous readers,
- the critiques from previous readers, and
- any papers already passed.

The readers meet face to face with the Candidate after reading the rewritten papers and previous evaluations, allowing the Candidate to defend and explain the Candidate’s positions.

The convener of the reader team sends the report, with names of all the readers, to the Candidate, with a copy to the area chair and the ACPE Director of Programs or designee.