A System Sponsored Center is a CPE center sponsored by an institution or agency that owns and operates multiple facilities. The center has one accreditation administered by a central office that is accountable for all CPE programming within the institution or agency.


1. The Commission accredits System Sponsored Centers to conduct CPE programs at two or more component sites.
2. A central administrative office administers all CPE programs at component sites and ensures component sites meet ACPE standards.
3. The System Sponsored Center submits an annual report for the system and an annual report on behalf of components.
4. If the System Sponsored Center has more than three component sites, site visitors for the Ten Year Review may visit a sample of component sites; center will receive written notice about which sites are to be visited at least 30 days prior to the visit.
5. A system center does not have to have “system” in its name; names of component sites must reference the department or organizational subdivision that administers the program at the component site.
6. A system center must specify a primary system Certified Educator who is the contact person for accreditation issues.
7. The ACPE Directory will list component sites under the System Sponsored Center.
8. A component site may begin programs with provisional approval by the area accreditation committee chair(s).
9. Because of changes/additions to an institution(s) or agency(ies), an institution sponsored center(s) may determine the need to seek accreditation as a system center.


1. Initial review as System Sponsored Center with existing accredited programs follows standard review procedure except as noted below:

1.1. Consult with area accreditation committee chair; if centers in more than one area, consult chairs in all affected area.
1.2. Conduct self-study and submit required materials (checklist following) and undergo standard review process.
1.3. Complete and send the Accreditation Review Request and Face Sheet to the ACPE Accreditation Commission Chair with a copy to the Area Accreditation Chair at least four months prior to anticipated site visit.
1.4. Site visit team conducts one person site visits to each component site and prepares preliminary site reports. If system center has sites in more than one region, site team member will be from the area in which it is located.
1.5. Site visit to central administrative office.
1.6. Date Commission grants accreditation establishes a new cycle for review (annual reports, Five and Ten Year Review) for the center and its components.

2. Initial review with no prior accreditation history follows standard review process and requirements for Pre-accredited status.

3. Commission actions:

3.1.grant Pre-accredited status as a System Sponsored Center;
3.2.specify areas of deficiency and require the center to report on corrective actions within a specified time, not to exceed one year;
3.3.deny Pre-accredited status; or
3.4.initiate adverse action.

4. Pre-accredited status is granted for three years to centers not previously accredited; centers may request one year extensions, renewable for maximum two years. Pre-accredited status may not exceed five years.

Click here for the checklist for becoming a system center.