1. Application to meet committee – The applicant sends a written request for an appearance before the Area Certification Committee to the Area Certification Chair, with a copy to the ACPE Director of Programs or designee. Note: Applicants should check with the Area Certification Chair about payment of the application fee.

2. Area Certification Committee Chair role – The area certification committee chair responds in writing to the applicant, sets deadlines, schedules meetings, sets the docket, and manages the process for the region.

3. Documentation from ACPE – The applicant submits the signed Accountability for Ethical Conduct Policy Report Form and other required documentation (Appendix 8) to the ACPE Director of Programs or designee. The applicant must receive Attestation of Good Standing (Appendix 8) from ACPE before meeting the committee for Certified Educator Candidacy status.

4. Primary Educator Consultation – After each committee appearance of a certified educator student for certified educator candidacy the primary educator for the student, or a student-approved educator’s designee, will consult with the committee (see Primary Educator Consultation, Part Two. I. C.).