1. Application for status – After at least one unit of Certified Educator CPE, a student may apply for certification as a Certified Educator Candidate.

2. Accountability for ethical conduct and attestation of good standing: Applicants for Certified Educator Candidate must sign and return to the ACPE Director of Programs or designee the Attestation of Good Standing Form (Appendix 8) from ACPE prior to meeting a committee for Candidate status.

3. Expiration of status – Certified Educator Candidate certification is temporary, expiring in two years. See Extension of Certified Educator Candidate Status.

4. Limitations of status – Certified Educator Candidates:

a. supervise CPE Level I/Level II under supervision; and
b. continue to learn the art of clinical supervision in a Certified Educator CPE program.

5. Denial of status does not necessarily affect the student’s educational contract with the center. The student may reapply for Certified Educator Candidate status.

6. Change of area – Within 60 days of moving to a new area, Candidates:

a. notify the Area Certification Committee chair in the new region who notifies the Commission chair;
b. request that the Area Certification Chair in the former area transfer their certification files to the Area Certification Chair in the new area;
c. must automatically meet the Area Certification Committee in the new area to retain Candidate certification if they do not inform the Area Certification Committee Chair of their move into the area within 60 days.