Formal requirements (ACPE Standard 403)

a. Current ACPE membership.
b. College graduation.
c. Receipt of a signed Attestation of Good Standing form (Appendix 8) from ACPE to include the following:

d. Graduate Theological Degree or equivalent.

The Area Certification Committee makes the equivalency determination based on ACPE guidelines and materials the applicant submits. The Area Certification Committee must consult with the ACPE national office for consistency. Equivalency determination is required before meeting the committee for Certified Educator Candidate status. The applicant must request equivalency determination from the regional certification chair at least 30 days prior to the declaration for Certified Educator Candidate review.

e. Ordination or commission to function in ministry by an appropriate religious authority.

f. Faith group endorsement/accountability or equivalent.

g. Letter of Good Standing.

h. Pastoral experience.

i. Completion of at least one unit of Certified Educator CPE.

j. Demonstration of engagement of ACPE Standards 403-406. Refer also to objectives and outcomes of Certified Educator CPE found in ACPE Standards 313-319.

k. Please reference written requirements

l. Materials are to be postmarked or submitted electronically at least five weeks prior to the meeting.