1. Submit to all committee members:

a. Certification Commission Face Sheet (Appendix 2).
b. Personal history paper showing: awareness of how student’ personal/cultural history shapes the practice of ministry; strengths and weaknesses will impact the process of supervision; and religious development has been integrated with self understanding.
c. Paper demonstrating use of the self as a primary teaching/learning resource, using vignettes from the experience in supervising students from the unit presented.
d. Paper/materials/DVD summarizing how the Associate Certified Educator has addressed any recommendations for further professional development given by the Commission at that review.
e. A two or three-page paper describing how the Associate Certified Educator’s thinking has evolved in relation to the approved supervisory theories. Attach the original preface of those papers.

2. Submit to Presenter only:

a. Signed Attestation of Good Standing Form (Appendix 8)
b. CPE Program Evaluation forms (Appendix 4) completed by all students supervised individually or in the group from associate status.
c. Documentation of satisfying the formal requirements (See Standard 411 and 3.1. above).
d. Previous presenters’ reports and committee action reports from Associate status.
e. All evaluations completed by the students and the Associate Certified Educator for the unit being presented (including required CPE Program Evaluations Appendix 4)
f. A paper outlining the structure and describing the CPE programs, including a statement of the educational rationale for the primary elements of the program
g. Signed Consent Forms (Appendix 5) from all students used. If unable to obtain, use pseudonyms.

3. Subcommittee/Commission consultation

A. Subcommittee consults with the Associate Certified Educator on competence as a pastoral educator:

a. continued autonomous and collegial professional functioning;
b. continued integration of theory and practice as a pastoral educator, together with congruence of person and function;
c. effective use of self as a primary teaching/learning resource;
d. effectiveness in group facilitation;
e. satisfactory engagement of recommendations for further professional development;
f. consumer evaluations (Appendix 4);
g. any recommendations received at appearance for Associate Supervisor

B. Commission Actions

a. The subcommittee appearance is a consultation. The Associate Certified Educator is an ACPE Certified Educator at the appearance’s conclusion. The subcommittee may give recommendations for further professional development.
b. If the subcommittee determines that ACPE Certified Educator-level competencies are clearly being unmet and/or if the students are being harmed, the subcommittee can request a Review of Educator Competence. If such action is being considered, the chair of the sub-committee must confer with the Certification Commission Chair, if meeting at a National meeting, prior to making a decision. If meeting at an Area meeting, the chair of the sub-committee must confer with the Area Certification Chair, who will, in turn, consult with the Certification Commission Chair prior to making a decision. This review must occur within 120 days of the date of the subcommittee request.