Suggestions for the Preparation of Written Materials

Areas the Certified Educator may choose to respond to in writing in preparation for the peer review:

  1. In the ACPE Standards review section 100, Professional Code of Ethics for ACPE Members. Identify those aspects of the Code of Ethics that present the most challenge for you personally or professionally. What successes and challenges have you experienced in addressing these?
  2. The ACPE Standards presuppose spiritual and educational growth for continuation of Certified Educator status. Describe the ups and downs of your spiritual and educational growth over the last three years.
  3. The ACPE Standards require that at a minimum a Certified Educator supervises a unit of CPE in the last three years or participates in other education activities related to CPE. Share with your Peer Review Team some exciting and some troublesome experiences you have had over the last three years with supervising students or participating in educational events. Where do you see yourself changing or expanding your supervisory style vis-à-vis theory or practice? What aspects of supervision stimulate you? What aspects of supervision “bore” you or “numb” you?
  4. Describe what is involved in maintaining your ordination or commission to function in ministry. How is it going for you?*
  5. Describe what is expected of you to maintain faith group endorsement. What is rewarding about that? What is disappointing about that? How difficult is it for you to do?What recommendations were suggested in your previous peer review or certification appearance? How have you worked on these suggestions?*
  6. Membership in ACPE not only assumes annual payment of fees. It also requires participation in the greater life of ACPE. Describe your involvement. What Communities of Practice or ACPE Leadership activities are you participating in? How has your participation in ACPE enhanced your supervision?

*Note: For some #4 & #5 are different processes, for some they are the same process. Respond to #4 & #5 according to how your own tradition works.