CPE provides theological and professional education using the clinical method of learning in diverse contexts of ministry. ACPE accredits two types of clinical pastoral education programs: CPE Level I/Level II and Certified Educator CPE. ACPE accredited programs provide a progressive learning experience through a two level curriculum. Level I curriculum outcomes must be satisfactorily addressed prior to admission to Level II. Completion of CPE Level I/Level II curriculum outcomes is a prerequisite for admission to Certified Educator CPE.

CPE Level I/Level II enables pastoral formation, pastoral competence, and pastoral reflection. Some CPE centers offer pastoral specialization(s) as part of their Level II curriculum.

CPE Level I/Level II objectives define the scope of the CPE Level I/Level II program curricula. Outcomes define the competencies to be developed by students as a result of participating in each of the programs.

Standard 309 The center designs its CPE Level I/Level II curriculum to facilitate the students’ achievement of the following objectives:

Pastoral Formation

309.1 to develop students’ awareness of themselves as ministers and of the ways their ministry affects persons.

309.2 to develop students’ awareness of how their attitudes, values, assumptions, strengths, and weaknesses affect their pastoral care.

309.3 to develop students’ ability to engage and apply the support, confrontation, and clarification of the peer group for the integration of personal attributes and pastoral functioning.

Pastoral Competence

309.4 to develop students’ awareness and understanding of how persons, social conditions, systems, and structures affect their lives and the lives of others and how to address effectively these issues through their ministry.

309.5 to develop students’ skills in providing intensive and extensive pastoral care and counseling to persons.

309.6 to develop students’ ability to make effective use of their religious/spiritual heritage, theological understanding, and knowledge of the behavioral sciences and applied clinical ethics in their pastoral care of persons and groups.

309.7 to teach students the pastoral role in professional relationships and how to work effectively as a pastoral member of a multidisciplinary team.

309.8 to develop students’ capacity to use one’s pastoral and prophetic perspectives in preaching, teaching, leadership, management, pastoral care, and pastoral counseling.

Pastoral Reflection

309.9 to develop students’ understanding and ability to apply the clinical method of learning.

309.10 to develop students’ abilities to use both individual and group supervision for personal and professional growth, including the capacity to evaluate one’s ministry.

Standard 310 Where a pastoral care specialty is offered, the CPE center designs its CPE Level II curriculum to facilitate the students’ achievement of the following additional objectives:

310.1 to afford students opportunities to become familiar with and apply relevant theories and methodologies to their ministry specialty.

310.2 to provide students opportunities to formulate and apply their philosophy and methodology for the ministry specialty.

310.3 to provide students opportunities to demonstrate pastoral competence in the practice of the specialty.