Through Certified Educator CPE, qualified persons who have demonstrated pastoral, professional and clinical competence will develop competence in the art, theory and practice of supervision of clinical pastoral education.

The objectives of Certified Educator CPE define the scope of the Certified Educator CPE program curriculum. Outcomes define the competencies that result from a supervisory student’s participation in Certified Educator CPE programs.

Standard 313 The Certified Educator CPE center designs its Certified Educator CPE curriculum to facilitate achievement of the following objectives:

313.1 to develop supervisory students’ knowledge in theories and methodologies related to CPE supervision drawn from theology; professional, applied clinical and organizational ethics; the behavioral sciences; and adult education.

313.2 to provide students practice in the supervision of CPE under the supervision of an ACPE Certified Educator.

313.3 to facilitate students’ integration of the theory and practice of CPE supervision in their identity as a person, pastor, and educator.