1. ACPE requires a site visit for:

1.1. Pre-accreditation, Accredited Member and Ten Year Review. An area site team chair/area site team conducts the site visit for Pre-accredited status. A National Site Team Chair with regional site team members conducts the Accredited Member and Ten Year Review site visits.
1.2. Addition of a Satellite Program – within six months of the start of programs.
1.3. Addition of Certified Educator CPE – at the discretion of area accreditation committee. (This site visit is done locally.)
1.4. System sponsored center – all component sites at initial application; a sample of component sites at Ten Year Review (note: site team notifies center which component sites it will visit no later than 30 days prior to the visit).
1.5. Freestanding Center center and all satellite programs at initial application; center and sample of satellite programs at Ten Year Review (note: site team notifies center which satellite programs it will visit no later than 30 days prior to the visit).
1.6. Called review – at the discretion of the Commission.

2. The purpose of the site visit is to:

2.1. assess the quality of education offered students,
2.2. verify the center’s documentation is consistent with practice, and
2.3. provide consultation to the center on requirements for compliance and ways to improve its programs,


1. Submit Accreditation Appendix 3: Accreditation Review Request and Face Sheet with a copy to the area accreditation committee chair and pay the invoice if applicable.
2. Send copies of required materials (refer to the checklist for each accreditation process) to all members of the site team at least 45 days (postmarked) prior to the site visit.
3. Site visit team assesses completeness of materials, requests any missing information, and assesses the readiness of the center for a site visit.
4. Certified Educator and site visit team chair develop a tentative schedule for the visit (usually one to two days) 30 days prior to visit.
6. Site visit team, composed of a chair and two or more site visitors, conducts on-site review:

6.1.Team meets with ACPE Certified Educator(s), other chaplaincy staff, professional advisory group, the administrator responsible for CPE, students, other key persons involved in the program – some in groups and others individually.
6.2.Team reviews on site documentation, files, etc.
6.3.Team meets to discuss findings.
6.4.Site visit team meets with ACPE Certified Educator and key center personnel to summarize tentative conclusions.
6.5.Commendations require the final action of the Commission; therefore proposed commendations shall not be shared with anyone at the center.

7. The Part I Report is due to the Center 14 days after the conclusion of the site visit.
8. The Center’s Response to the Part I Report is due to the National Site Team Chair 44 days after the conclusion of the site visit (30 days after the 14 day period for receipt of the Part I Report ends).
9. The Part II Report is due to the Center 58 days after the conclusion of the site visit (14 days after the 30 day period for the Center’s Response ends).
10. Site team proposes any commendations that may be appropriate for the center.
11. Site team chair forwards a complete set of materials from the center’s accreditation process to the Commission reviewer.
12. Center completes and submits Accreditation Process Evaluation within 30 days (postmarked) of notification of Commission action.