The Site Team shall provide reports to the accredited center following the initial review of the center’s portfolio and at the conclusion of the site visit.

Portfolio Review Report
Following the comprehensive review of the center’s portfolio, the National Site Team Chair, in conjunction with the assigned Accreditation Commissioner, will provide the center with a review summary, indicating any areas of non-compliance that need to be addressed prior to the site visit.

Site Visit Report
The Site Visit Report consists of three elements:

  1. Part I of the report represents the initial findings of the Site Team and invites the center to address any issues raised in a written response.
  2. The center response addresses any issues of concern or non-compliance noted by the site team.
  3. Part II of the report is the site team’s final assessment of the center’s compliance with standards and a recommendation for action to the Accreditation Commission.

Following the completion of the report, all three elements will be sent for a final review by an Accreditation Commission representative. The Accreditation Commission will consider the recommendations of the site team and the Commissioner’s review prior to determining its action.