The primary purpose of the Site Team is to assist the Center in maintaining its high standard of education through its continued adherence to the Standards as an Accredited Member Center of ACPE. The Site Team has the responsibility to ensure that the documentation it receives is ready for conversation and review and to provide feedback that is professional, consistent, competent, and collegial.

The Site team also seeks to understand the center’s story and its on-going, developing narrative of its history and work, and to use this information to discern how the center is complying with ACPE Standards .

The Commission identifies and trains specially qualified persons to serve as National Site Team Chairs and members of site teams. National Site Team Chairs report directly to the Commission. Each site team is comprised of two ACPE Certified Educators, one of whom is the National Site Team Chair, and a practitioner member.

Guidelines and Requirements for the Site Team Practitioner

The practitioner is recruited to participate in Site Team visits for Six-Year Accreditation Reviews. The practitioner serves as a full member of the team and participates in all aspects of the site visit, particularly providing insight and feedback related to the ways in which CPE is provided through curriculum and clinical settings from a student’s perspective, how students receive the program, and how well the program prepares students to provide spiritual care. Practitioners are accountable to participate in accurate reporting and feedback to the site team.

Definition of Practitioner
A person actively engaged in the practice of clinical pastoral care and spiritual support service. As a member of the Site Team, the Practitioner serves as an advocate for the continued success of the program, evaluates practical application of the education of the students, observes learning environment to determine student’s needs are met or not and observe dynamics between supervisor, director, and administration, accountable for accurate reporting and feed-back that represents the title on team.

Role of Practitioner
The practitioner is one who participates in Site Team visits for the ACPE Accreditation Commission and who are familiar with ACPE Standards and methods, such as the action/reflection model, active listening, critical thinking, and reflection. They assess with a lens towards and as observers of ways that the program prepares students for the practice of clinical pastoral/spiritual care. They reflect on how each center describes its uniqueness for student formation/education as expressed in its narrative and context.

Persons who serve as Practitioner must meet the following qualifications

  • Successful completion of four or more units of ACPE clinical pastoral education
  • Professional practice of spiritual care for five years or longer
  • Currently engaged in a spiritual care position (does not need to be full-time)

Conflict of Interest Considerations for Practitioners
Because Practitioners are representatives of ACPE, Inc. and the ACPE Accreditation Commission, certain limitations regarding conflict of interest apply. Conflicts of interest involve situations in which personal/professional and/or financial considerations may compromise judgment in a professional activity or where the situation may appear to provide benefits or favors for the Center being reviewed. Practitioners must demonstrate a high degree of integrity and objectivity in their work.

As such Practitioners will

  • Refrain from serving as consultants to the CPE center during the time of a review process.
  • Disclose all previous relationships with the Centers they review
  • Refuse any gifts or economic benefits of significant value from Centers being visited
  • Refrain from recruiting staff members from CPE centers
  • Refrain from reviewing a CPE Center where the practitioner is an alumnus of the program

Responsibilities of the Practitioner:

  • Have working knowledge of ACPE history, current ACPE standards and Accreditation Manual
  • Have working knowledge with “The Role of a Site Team Member” (NSTC Training Manual) and responsibilities outlined for Site Team Members
  • Allot sufficient time for preparation review, review of center materials, drafting, review and editing of report sections and offering feed-back on review process
  • Perform as part of a professional team and participate in conference calls and/or meetings called for by the National Site Team Chair
  • Review all center documents for compliance with ACPE standards
  • Identify areas of concern from the practitioner role
  • Participate actively in on-site visit
  • Prepare sections of the Site Visit Report Part I from a practitioner perspective within 14 days of site visit
  • Review center response to Part I and give input for the Site Visit Report Part II
  • Complete Site Team Member evaluation forms and offer process feedback to National Site Team Chair