A. Steps in the process for certification as an ACPE Certified Educator– Students learning the art of supervision in CPE progress through the following steps:

1. Pre-certification: Preparation for Candidacy (Readiness Consultation)
2. Certified Educator Candidate Certification (certification of provisional practice);
3. Theory position papers passed (approval of supervisory theories);
4. Associate Certified Educator (certification of supervisory competence and integration of theory and practice); and
5. ACPE Certified Educator (certification of professional supervisory practice).

B. Requirements – Applicants must meet the formal requirements and demonstrate the competencies for each level before progressing to the next level. See requirements listed for each level in Part Two; refer also to ACPE Standards 314 – 319 and 402 – 413.

C. Evaluation for Certification – Certification decisions at all levels are made through evaluation of both an applicant’s required written materials and face-to-face engagement with the assigned subcommittee.

D. Commission/subcommittees – Certification at each level is determined by the Commission directly or through its ratification of decisions made by subcommittees of the Commission or subcommittees of Area Certification Committees authorized to function on the Commission’s behalf as follows:

  • certification as Associate Certified Educator or ACPE Certified Educator– subcommittees of the Commission.
  • certification as Certified Educator Candidate and extensions of Certified Educator Candidate and Associate Certified Educator status—subcommittees of Area Certification Committees functioning on behalf of the Commission.
  • approval of theory position papers – trained readers from outside the area where the applicant is in training.

E. Presenter’s report and committee action report

1. The presenter, directed by the Commission or subcommittee reviewing an applicant for pre-certification, certification, extension, maintenance, or return to status, is responsible for preparing a written presenter’s report and action report, both of which are provided to the applicant.
2. Except in unusual cases, applicants receive a hard copy of the presenter’s report no earlier than 24 and no later than 12 hours prior to the meeting with a committee, at a place designated by the Commission chair or area certification chair. With written permission (letter or email) from the CES/Certified Educator Candidate/Associate Certified Educator, the Presenter can email the Presenter’s Report to the applicant no earlier than 24 hours and no later than 12 hours prior to their appearance.
3. The committee action report is provided within 30 days of the committee meeting.

F. Academic Qualification and Equivalency Standards for ACPE Certified Educator ProgramsSee General Certification Policies, Topic J

G. Quality Assurance – Applicants appearing for certification are invited to give the Commission feedback on their experience with the process (Appendix 6, Candidate Feedback to Certification Commission).

H. Re-presentation of a Unit — Students are not permitted to re-present a unit already presented at a previous Certification Commission or Certification committee appearance under any circumstances. All materials must be updated as well.